Chetna Mehrotra Image Management Consultancy Leading Image Management Consultancy in India.Chetna Mehrotra is a premier Image Management Consultancy in Mumbai, India. With several years of experience in helping people discover their own style and panache. Sat, 26 Dec 2015 22:32:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 As the Grooming Expert: Mr. India, Worldwide ( Gurgaon) Thu, 21 Aug 2014 06:33:21 +0000 ASIAN AGE COVERAGE: At the event


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Life Factory : A unique life-skills based workshop for kids Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:42:58 +0000 The tends USING louis vuitton outlet palm Intense

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First-of-Its-Kind by an Image Consultant:A Unique Presentation on Image Management through the tools of Dance Drama and Storytelling Mon, 02 Dec 2013 11:06:46 +0000 As a the speaker at the BACK TO THE FRONT event, I spoke about acceptance of body image, dealing with fears and inhibitions and starting somewhere.

The techniques I used were Dance Drama and Storytelling.



A note by Ruchita Dar Shah of First Moms Club :

The session was the most unique presentation (I have seen) anyone has ever done. The lady ( Chetnaa Mehrotra) gave us her life story in her distinctive style of involving music, drama and dialogue. She made all of us realise that we have too many body image issues (you bet!). We are constantly worried about either being dark, plump, fat or skinny (Ya can you imagine … slovakia skinny people have issues too!) in her session she also got the audience to participate and tell us their life stories. Which was remarkable because the brave women who came up on stage were even better than the respected panelists

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that day. You see the panelist must have all come prepared to give us gyan…but these women from the audience were not. They had no idea that they were gonna be hauled up to speak and yet they were honest, brave and burning with a desire to do something bigger and better with their lives.”







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Mid Day coverage : 29th NOVEMBER : Back To The Front Mon, 02 Dec 2013 10:20:51 +0000 midday FB

A wonderful initiative that aims to help women

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who want to return to their passion and profession. I was honored to be a speaker at the event.

I spoke about acceptance of body image, dealing with fears

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and inhibitions and starting somewhere. The techniques I used were Dance Drama and Storytelling.



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Day 2 : Delhi : Diary of a daily life Fri, 01 Nov 2013 17:49:45 +0000



So, I reached late and the cabbie who was almost 35 minutes late was unapologetically driving while listening to a Delhi radio station.


The roads to Gurgaon looked neat and wide. The pothole-free drive was a blessing!


After an official meeting and a lovely meeting with a loved one and on my way back, I had almost forgotten the cabbie’s unpunctual demeanor. Oh! was I dissolving in the same stream…


The evening drive in an auto-rickshaw was almost killing. Lo! behold, did I hear the ones travelling to

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Mumbai saying ” Mumbai is good minus the traffic”. The traffic was an utter mayhem, the drivers were careless, proud to barge in at various points where they found

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a moment, the BRT corridors were not used by the buses alone, the traffic from the other end was driving past in the reverse direction ; our conversations just mitigating in the din of that ugly traffic.


The so-called posh market in the South of Delhi had nice array of fashionable “folks”, ready to just burst into a list of verbal flamboyance indulgence. I loved how each of them turned out all well-dressed. All had an individual expression to themselves.


And yes, I was looking for some exciting stock of creative display in stores. I was upset!


On way back, a pop of another round of chaat and dosa.


Delhi is on, still!

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Delhi : A diary of a daily life. Day 1 Thu, 31 Oct 2013 15:38:46 +0000  


A little walk to the shopping area near the place I am residing in New Delhi, clearly made me feel that I am not in Mumbai.


The Moti Sweets chaat Corner ( the name definitely “smells” a Delhi notation), the “proud” North Indian clear dialect, the forty plus women in “just- perfect-clustered”

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attire and accessorized in those sparkling expensive stones, the punjabi “morjaris” and the young dames in that “watch me” gait with all the trends in apparel and accessories.


What I liked was that total attention to the detail, as they say from “top to toe”. The hair accessory, the coordinated clothes, footwear and makeup, all taken care of.

The small lanes where the dyers sit, the shops full of some super yarns of patterns galore. The glass showcase full of laces and other bylane had constant sounds of tailors working on their sewing machines, working towards the strict deadlines given by the “mummies of those daughters”.

And yes, the talks and decibels too. This Delhi does not shy from “demanding”. The tone is clear and “didnt’ I say that

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to you”., I definitely had a plate full of “papri chaat”. And must admit, it was the real “papri chaat”.


More later….

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A Game, Some insights. Are you too? Sun, 29 Sep 2013 06:33:46 +0000  

playing cards

So, while I “thought” i was the “jack” in that deck of cards, i was “actually” a 10.

So, i acted like a “jack” however the others would treat me like i was a “10”. Did i like that? Was i uncomfortable ? Hmmm…


Well! It was a game we played at a workshop, wherein we couldn’t see the card we got; we could in turn see what others got as they would stick them onto their forehead.


A simple game. Yet carried some insights into an “inward journey” of perceptions and social treatment, outside of ourselves.

At times, one might have a professional role of an “Ace”, a high status life state; however, the same person might feel a “10” of himself/herself. A low status life state.

Status here IS NOT EQUAL to income, social cast, economic condition. It is a “perception”, an inner feeling, a mind set.


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other times, one might carry a “self-perception” of a “King”; however he/she might not get a similar treatment socially. This might lead to a change in his/her beliefs for self, an affected self-esteem or an issue with his/her confidence. This might lead to a self-filling prophecy, making that person “actually” believe himself/herself to be a “7” or a “6”.


Body of Work, 17 student artists

How much do you let other’s treatment and perception govern your life? How much do you exert your real self to others? How often do you feel controlled by others ideas of a particular body shape and size, a full-filling relationship, the right color for

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your skin tone, a religion or a philosophy to follow to give you peace of mind, a successful or a brilliant career….?


Courtesy: Judith Shaw
In her work of battling anorexia

We all , at some time or another have conformed to the treatment others have meted out to us. Is it because we have let them or we feel it too? Have we slipped into a low–status mindset because there are certain “conditioned” rules to a particular aspect, be it religion, body shape, an attire, a partner etc. ?


Some questions to ponder upon…







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FIRST Image Consultant in India to be a practitioner of Access Bars : Access Consciousness Sat, 14 Sep 2013 17:28:02 +0000 India’s FIRST Image Consultant to be a practitioner of Access Bars : Access Consciousness

A process structured by Gary Douglas.

Thank you Sonia Mackwani ( the ever-calm and smiling facilitator).



  ask alice barclays site down

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Creative Movement Therapy and Image Management: The First Image Consultant in India to embed Movement Therapy in Image Management Mon, 12 Aug 2013 09:04:36 +0000 dance

Human beings are born to move. Inside our mother’s womb, to make our presence felt, we kicked, we moved!

Dance is movement. Movement is change. When we move, we create spaces, we move against the gravity, resist it, surrender to it. We stop, we breathe, we are still. Isn’t this life? Is not what we do humans do?

Any form of dance, makes us “feel good”. When we dance, we shed our consciousness. We stop being judgmental. We create!

Creative Movement Therapy helps us to understand, become aware and then lets us shed those fears, doubts or consciousness. Movement unleashes the stress we have stored in ourselves: the psychosomatic stress stored in our mind (psyche) and body (soma) due to emotional or mental anxieties.


Having learnt the art of dance ( Kathak- Jaipur Gharana) for 10 years, I have expressed through dance. The rigorous footwork, the expressive “ Thumris” or the “the chakkarwala tukra” , the dance has helped me understand the controlled body movements, articulation of emotions , thereby shedding self-inhibitions.



Creative Movement Therapy is more structured and therapeutically designed. The exercises are objectified and hence the movements are premeditated according to the results to be achieved.

As an Image Consultant, I embed Movement Therapy in my “Image Management” workshops.

Managing your image starts with acceptance of self, acceptance of body-image. Once we are aware of ourselves, once we accept and embrace ourselves, the journey of enhancing an individual’s image becomes an experience, not a sheet of recommendations! Movement Therapy works in various prepared and planned ways to vent one’s

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emotional or mental angst or uncertainties.

More on Movement Therapy in the next post…


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