What We Do

Every one of us has the capacity to be the best in our chosen role. If your life’s goal is to be an outstanding, professional, an exceptional business- man or woman, an amazing person in every way possible, and in general, that extremely fulfilled human being, let’s get together. We at Chetna Mehrotra, can mentor and guide you in the discovering and shaping of your full potential, and by extension, let your personality bloom fully, which, in turn, will let the “you” you project to the world and lead you to success of all kinds.

If you are a power-packed corporate or a busy MNC executive, an overworked home maker, a pesky and chipper and yet a wet-behind-the-ears college student, an aspiring model, a dauntless job seeker, an excited bride-to-be or represent an organization whose philosophy is, we all need to grow our human potential, then you would want to contact us. Our services are impeccable and our commitment to you exceptional.

Our Products

Individual Solutions

Personal Image Coaching:

Chetnaa Mehrotra is the first Image Consultant in India to include Creative Movement Therapy  and Drama Based Learning Facilitation in the Image Management sessions.

The sessions have modules on unblocking psychosomatic stress. This stress later develops into issues in interpersonal relationship, body image, self-esteem, and other behavioral and physical image perceptions.

This works on the principle of connection between body & our movements. Certain changes working occurring on the movement level could affect the entire being & functioning of individuals.

In the Personal Image Coaching session,

  • Information about the client is captured; with focus on the client’s physical characteristics, lifestyle, personality, working environment and both personal and professional role, is recorded in this customized consultation.
  • This guides us in our 360-degree image analysis of the client.
  • Next, based on the client’s specific needs, the client is offered the following personal coaching menu to choose from:
    • Wardrobe Evaluation
    • Personal Style Assessment
    • Face and Body Shape Matrix
    • Color Analysis
    • Grooming and Make Up
    • Etiquette
    • Weight Management
    • Voice and Diction


Chetna Mehrotra Image Consultancy also offers workshops of various formats to assist you to “Discover Your Style, Yourself”.

Be it the capsule program, or the specific and selective image management modules, or a holistic understanding on the art of projecting one’s authentic and appropriate image for his/her roles and goals; all these workshops would help you get closer to your authentic style and guide you on how you can create a positive impression in all your interactions.

Corporate Solutions

In today’s global marketplace, the brand asset management is essential, as this is how a company can grow its profits more consistently. Such an edge is derived by developing “branded” employees who project personal power and influence through their stellar interactions that may involve either customers or competitors, or both.

Chetna Mehrotra Image Consultancy offers the following corporate workshops:

  • Corporate Dressing
  • Color Analysis
  • Business Etiquette
  • Make up
  • Body Shape Dressing
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Art of Effective Communication
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Voice and Diction
  • Telephone Decorum

One-on-One Executive Coaching

In this format, we offer customized solutions geared toward the unique needs of executives. Chetna Mehrotra Image Consultancy also goes beyond the realm of its core and works on providing the complete communication package to an entity or a Corporate.


Workshops for Children: “Life Factory”

Age group 8yrs-15yrs

Chetna runs open workshop for children aged between 8yrs-15yrs.  She runs this workshop under the name of “Life Factory”. The workshop is based on Life Skills modules.

It entails topics like self-confidence, attitude, respecting yourself, Image and etiquette, presenting yourself with confidence, voice as a resource, introducing yourself and others, handshaking, posture, professional table manners, health & wellness, and Therapy Through Movement.


Retail Garment Store Solutions

  • Training the Sales Staff on advising and guiding their customers on what to buy.
  • Training the in-house staff on
    • Image Management : Clothing,Body Language,Etiquette
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Behavioral Skill

For Pageant Training

  •   Projecting a confident and an impressive image
  •   Body Shape Dressing
  •   Color Analysis and Fitment
  •   Effective Communication
  •   Body Language
  •   Stage presence and  Art & Alchemy of  Speech-making


* Art of Effective Communication